Your Only Guide to Business Centric WordPress Website

You will get help to learn about WordPress website tutorials, business tips & insight to connecting the dot about WordPress tech and your business goal!

This is for YOU who are

Actively working and using WordPress as main business tools. Build a digital economics around WordPress ecosystem.

Freelancer or Developer

who want to pricing your services accordingly, by mastering new skills and knowing a business aspect of your jobs.

Web Dev Agency Owner

Want to scale up and retain your customer so make more healthy profit.

Business Owner

Want to build a WordPress website with business in mind. Knowing what to choose. When it comes to hiring, you can decide to pay the best price your money can buy. Because you demand to be more focus to your business.

Here, you will get help to master it

Hungry already? Great!
Here's what on the menu!

For Freelancer

WP Killer Skills

The skills to build websites that your client will pay high! Because you said they should.

Tired to explore everywhere, and all you find is influencers trying to teach you WordPress skill. You know from the first, that’s not the case! 

Here, you will see guide & tutorial that relate with your daily life and know that’s something you can execute to get better compensation of your hard works.

(ps: you’re a freelancer and WordPress developer, you will love this)

For Agency Owner

Opportunity Recipe

The information you expect you know to lift your WordPress development Business to the next level

Working and managing WordPress developers is awesome. But, when it become routine, most of the times it numb your brain.Ā 

Here you can get the “Aha! yes I can offer that to my clients and make more money!” and both: your client and your business is happy. A win-win offers that benefit everyone, that just leave on the table for long time.

(ps: it can be an extra money for you, sometimes you already work on it all the time without getting paid)

For Freelancer or Beginner Developer

Basic Flick Trick

A WordPress tips about everything basic we hope can done on single flick.

You’re just getting started? WordPress will always be technical. It should be, it’s a tools.

When everybody talk about profit and scale, your tasks is to install things, move or remove something, upload, configure, save of publish it. The nitty grity that something overlooked but you still need to do it. Right? It’s okay. we cover about that too šŸ˜Š

For Fun People (kinda)
WP Tea Podcast

A Podcast about WordPress without Stress.

You have watched about WordPress guide and tips, many of them. When come to entertain your self and relax a bit you go to see some random videos and YouTube. Because everything about your jobs (which mainly takes almost a whole times) related to WordPress or Web Dev is soooo serious.

When you back to your tasks, you get lost! Need to get a grip again.

Why there is no podcasts or something entertaining, cringe, funny, something can rofl you about WordPress? FACT is, there is a lot we just need to see it on humorous way. Something light you can listen while drink a tea to get relax and ready to back when needed.

For WebDev Enthusiast

WebDev Quick Updates

After all, You want to deliver a value to the clients and customer. Put aside the platform fanatic to give more space for business and customer centric.


Ever herad about Webflow? the new kid on the block? some WP developer swicth to it and some already open a services and sale new products. Young designer slash developer love it.

Or maybe Shopify, with it’s ridicul growth with awesome inbound marketing, providing all online store owner need.

We know you love WordPress & WooCommerce, but platform die every year. You always can learn new things, be open minded to new stuff.

Check the updates about all new on website development industry. You can cherry pick the insight, business tactics, or jump to new opportunity. It’s up to you friend!

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WordPress Freelancers Success Course & Checklist

Tired working as freelancer? the routines, under-appreciate hard work, the done tasks with unsignificant paycheck.

Need to scale and using what you have as a solid foundationĀ to go to next level?